• Wayne State University (map)
  • Detroit, MI

Khemia Ensemble is excited to announce the spring tour of their audiovisual show Voyages. Through an intensive collaboration with the cutting-edge software design and visual arts team, Intermedio, the show will feature customized, interactive lighting display rarely seen in contemporary classical concerts. Recalling the enhanced spectacle of rock and electronic music concerts, this fruitful combination of creativity promises to be an event that will be thrilling to audiences of all ages: a visceral, immersive experience of augmented sound, and visuals.  The program consists of pieces by Andriessen, Gubaidulina, Biedenbender, and resident composers Bohman, Heredia and Nakahori, among others. A Q&A session will follow the concert.

Selected as an inaugural Performing Arts EXCELerator team as well as an Arts&Engine team through a University of Michigan School-wide application process, Khemia has been hard at work developing their latest project – an innovative partnership with the Cincinnati-based Intermedio, who create accessible, interactive installations using light and sound.  The show will blend media using a new software that live-captures sonic and movement data from Khemia’s performers, instantly generating moving images that will be projected behind the musicians. The tour begins in Ann Arbor Kerrytown Concert House on April 9th, they will then play at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on the 10th, and conclude their tour on April 11th, with a mini-residency and performance at Wayne State University hosted by the Composition Department.